Kramer’s Are Moving to Cali

When my husband, Jay, came to me with an opportunity for him to advance in his career that meant we needed to relocate – it was not a quick decision.  I knew that this meant I would be leaving a business I had built in CO since 2008 and clients that have been with me since opening.  There was a lot of discussion on how it would work out.  Jay would have to leave 3 months before me with my commitmenst to my clients.  Who I adore!  I then would join him just before our winter solstice anniversary.

Why we are moving

In life each one of us should have the chance to grow to our careers if it is possible.  At this time we don’t have kiddos and as best friends it was important for me to see Jay achieve his goals and for me to step back and be unselfish in my own career.  Not to say that is has been an easy step back for me.  The real truth is that Jay and I had watched the movie UP with my niece and nephew.  Something in that movie always resonated with us both, the fear that kept the couple from going after their dreams.  I think each of us can identify with a moment that we had fear of change, of the unknown, a chance things wouldn’t work out.  Jay and I realized we did not want to be that old couple in the movie who had a dream and never took a chance.  Our dream was to have more time together, see each other and have adventures together.  This is an important element in life and in our marriage.  In weighing all the options, we chose each other, our adventure in life together.  After we made the decision we would move, I remembered seeing a shirt that perfectly fits how I feel about us.  I ordered it from The Parks Apparel, it  says:

– You Keep Me Safe – I’ll Keep You WILD-

Let our adventures begin!

Photograph at the Avenue of Giants