Colorado Ski Family

What a day at ABasin with this ski family!!  I have been with Dan and Amy since their wedding day.  This was a special day as their little girl was hitting the ski hill for the first time.  I laughed when I saw their little guy laying on the floor after getting ready to ski.  I feel the EXACT same way some days.  It’s a lot!  I ADMIRE the Dad and Mom’s who are in the for the win of sharing the ski hill with their children.  Passing along, in my books, the best activity – Skiing!!

In my journey to redirecting my next chapter in my business.  It is my passion to share you Non-Pintrest moments but real ones.  Photographs that you can put in a book, your children pick up when they are older and remember where they first fell in love with, skiing, camping, fishing the outdoors.  It warms my heart when it’s NOT about getting everyone in the perfect spot, smiling, not crying, not blinking but just being “their family”.  I have to say I could not even Sleep before this family session, I was SOOOO excited!

I do have to brag on these guys, their fall session and this session we planned on good weather.  You begin to realize the weather, well it does what it wants.  This session may have been freezing but they never waivered.  Plus let’s face it, that’s just skiing!  We were in, out and back inside!  ABasin has something that I would like to see a lot more ski resorts have – kids area!!!  Yes, kids can play, Mom/Dad can relax not worrying their kids are just “running around”.  The thought that ABasin embraces Mom’s still want to be apart of skiing industry even if they have kids.  Dad can go out then come in and Mom can go out all the while their kids have a space to meet and play with other kids.  How do those Olympic Boys and Girls start out?  I bet you Mom had somthing to do with it.

Thank you Dan and Amy for being such awesome parents, people and now my friends.  Well at least I HOPE you will claim me as a friend now!  Hahaha!!


Ski Resort:  Arapahoe Basin