Montezuma, Colorado

The winter months I take time to head out early to make the short winter days well worth every second.  In Montezuma my cell phone doesn’t work, no internet – it’s a great time to visit my friends who live in my favorite location.  Snow has always been a slight obsession for me.  Maybe it’s the stillness in the air.  It even seems nature becomes quite and calm.  When I am out skiing, snowshoeing, walking or just sitting outside my heart just seems to open – to take in all that surrounds me.  It excites me for the new year.  It resets my soul.

Here is a peek in to what a trip looks like for me.  Minus the skiing this time.  I am OBSESSED with capturing snowflakes.  They are magical!!!

Snow Day 10Snow Day 11Snow Day 12Snow Day 1Snow Day 2Snow Day 3Snow Day 4Snow Day 5Snow Day 7Snow Day 6Snow Day 14