Renewable Wedding Trending 2017


This years wedding trend is one I am LOVING !!!  Bride & Groom’s are opting to find ways to make their weddings less of an impact on the environment.  Last year Levi and Mary took it a step above what I had ever seen at a wedding.  It was truly impressive!  This couple’s true passion for where they live was a main focus when it came time to planning their wedding.

Guests were welcome to stay for a wedding weekend of camping, music, games.  Upon arriving the guests were given a reusable cup and a marker for them to us throughout the weekend.  Recycle trash cans were visible.  Decorations were made with potted plants that could be replanted after the wedding day.  There wasn’t one thing they didn’t think of down to the dinner napkins, to make it a Green Wedding.  Music was provided by a collaboration of two bands the couple loved and they had their guests DANCING!  These are a few images to inspire you to Think Green for 2017!