Wedding Ring – Unique Ring Ideas

Wedding Ring – Unique Ring Ideas, a unique wedding rings relflect who you are.

This couple have a passion for the mountains so when it came time for Josh to decide on the design he took his vision to a jeweler who could make it.  It was Elizabeth’s wish to have a ring she could wear as a nurse but that didn’t mean Josh had to go for just a regular band. Josh made her ring into a statement and made it sparkle.  This is a mountain masterpiece!!!

There are so many options now to tailor your rings to your style.

Wedding Rings – Unique Ring Ideas

  1.  Mixed Metals
  2. Metal and Wood – you can even do Tungsten and Wood for a darker metal.
  3. Etch metals
  4. You can have a recording of your voice say I love you and have the soundwaves engraved
  5.  Diamonds and other precious stones.
  6.  All wood ring – they are delicate.
  7.  Ceramic Rings.
  8. All natural diamond rings.

Sidenote: I did not even thing of when we ordered my husbands ring is that he is allergic to metal.  So there went the first ring!  If either on of you have a metal allergy make sure that you get tested so that you don’t throw money away on a setting or band.