Thank you to these amazing ladies!!!  I am bringing my passion for skiing and Mindy Lundy Photography together.  It was time both passions merged together called Snowgirls.


Behind the name Snowgirls- I am older but I still feel like that girl who will Forever be in AWE of one tiny snowflake.  That excitement of a huge storm has never lost the impact on my heartbeat.  I still feel like a girl going out on a first date. Many early mornings/late nights in my sketch book have revolved around the my passion to reinvent how the ski industry views women skiers.  Not all women will have the honor of being in the Olympics, though going down moguls I do pretend that I am.  We all started off at groomers but some of us fell in love with it more than just a once in awhile activity.  I am grateful that the “boys” let me join them, they didn’t wait for me, I NEVER wanted them to.  I aspired to keep up and pass them!  I cannot tell you how Many night skiing days or days I went out on my own.  Hit a mogul run over and over until I could barely stand.  I never looked to hold back, I aimed to leave part of my soul on the mountain.

Skiing with those girls who feel the same way, it’s empowering.  The chairlift/gondola is filled with laughter.  As you ski you are laughing the Whole day is filled with laugher, singing and sometimes a bit of dancing.  My friends and I will watch the snow radar and a moments notice be ready to head out to whatever resort is going to get hit the hardest.  A 4:30 am departure doesn’t phase us, if that means we will get first chair on a powder day.  My dream is that I can create a community of stellar skier girls who are the same and bring us together.  My pocket of friends are not the only ones out there.

This passion project has stemmed out of a few personal experiences in ski shops.  I realized there is a void in the connection of what some girls do ski, not all of us are groomer skiers. I realized I could make a change in how people view women skiers and I am taking my early morning/late night sketches into reality.  These image are from my first photoshoot.  A huge thank you goes out to Icelantic.  I sent them an email with my project and the reason behind it.  They share a similar mission and provided the clothing for the Ladies!  THANK YOU!!!

Church and State Optics provided us with AMAZING women’s goggles.  Church and State Optics were the first goggles I ever found designed just for women – mine have BLING!  If there’s one thing I like, it is SPARKLE!!!  When I saw Swarovski Crystal Elements on their goggle straps – it was a NO brainer!  One of the girls said these actually fit my face!  I laughed they are Awesome!

Last, I cannot forget to mention the person I call my “Yoda” in this – Jack Affleck – from my college internship with you to now – I could never thank you enough for your support and encouragement!  It has meant the WORLD to me!

The support of fellow women skiers is HUGE to me.  If you know of any girl ski trips, hut trips please reach out to me!  I would like to get 2018-2019 ski trips booked.  I cannot do this alone – I need all you Snowgirls!  Or if you know of any ski girl organizations that I need to represent.  You will see me hashtag my images #snowgirls and encourage any of you who are out there to as well.  Let’s build this community!

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